School Cafeteria

School Cafeteria

Superfriends International School offers a balanced diet for the necessities of our students.

We follow very careful food handling practices.

We insist on the importance of good eating habits and healthy food selection.

Our meals are designed by a dietitian, made from scratch and prepared daily in our kitchen, by our experienced cook.

Lunch is included for children under 1 year of age.

If there is any occasion where the student cannot eat the regularly planned lunch, parents must indicate the special diet requirements ahead of time.

If a child is not eating properly, throws up or his/her food or desplays any other eating related behavior, out of the norm, we will let you know.


One of our goals is to help our kids acquire good eating habits and manners. We also need parental support to help reinforce that each student accepts and receives a daily balanced meal.

We have to encourage our kids to try different tastes and to eat everything, avoiding forcing them.


  • Do not bring any sweets to the school, neither on birthday parties.

  • If you are going to bring a birthday cake please inform the school the previous day.

There are two available menu´s: