School Uniform

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At Superfriends International School it is compulsory for children to wear the school uniform.

The advantages of this school policy are numerous: comfort, economic cost and identification of children, among other things.

Parents can buy their children’s uniforms at our nursery school where the winter, spring and summer uniform are available.

Uniform for spring / summer
To wear on the months of May, June, September and October




Spring trouserDressSpring trouser
Polo shirtPolo shirtJumpsuit
ShortsShortsSocks 446
Socks 446Socks and tights 446

Uniform winter
December, January, February and March




Tracksuit jacketTracksuit jacketTracksuit jacket
Tracksuit trousersDressTracksuit trousers
Polo shirtT’shirtLong sleeve body
Socks 473Leggings or socks 473Socks 473

ACCESORIES: Baby and Backpack.

During October and April students can go with the winter or summer uniform.

All the garments will be marked with name and surnames (do not mark it on the label). Children must wear a ribbon on the anorak in order to hang it.

The footwear must be white or navy blue and with a buckle or velcro. No shoe laces.

The backpack has to carry a photo of the student, the name and surname very visible at the front.