About us

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Superfriends International School is an English immersion preschool from 0-6 years old, where our Total English Teaching method is featured, and children receive German lessons as a second language everyday.

At Superfriends International School, all of our energies have been focused on creating a center for families, those who are looking for a high quality academic education, as well as, a complete education in values.

As our slogan says, “Thinking of their future”, we care about their future. Nowadays languages are essential, that’s why we educate them at the same time that they learn languages, in a natural and effortless way.


The objectives and guidelines are focused on making the kids learn in a happy way environment, to implement a positive attitude towards learning languages. We offer a secure and comfortable environment.

We want to offer you secure facilities and quality services to take care of your kids during this age.


All the Superfriends team is aware of the parent’s concern for the well being and education of their children, especially during these fundamental early ages.

All teachers are qualified and are either native or bilingual.

We have created a program for each of the 0 to 6 year old age groups, which is given at the beginning of the school year, with the aim to demonstrate to you all of the work that we develop with your kids throughout the course.

At the end of every trimester we will provide an evaluation, so you can track the development of your child.