Educational Project

Educational Project

The first years of their lives are the right time to strengthen their global development. Their language development, their knowledge and the conciousness of their own body and movement, social harmony, discovering the world around, developing their sensorial capabilities, balance and affection.

We follow the “Consellería de Educación” objectives, but actually our aim is to offer a lot more. The brain´s biggest capability of learning is in the early childhood, then it decreases with the years, this is the main reason why we try to take advantage of every moment to stimulate and teach through music, fun and happiness, which is the kids´ world.

The objectives and guidelines of Superfriends International School are focused on making the kids learn in a happy way envioronmet.

- Early stimulation though games.
- Develop their capabilities and values.

Doman Method

The Doman Method is well known in Spain for the Early Stimulation. Glenn Doman is the founder of “The Institutes for the Achievement of human potential” in 1955 where he archieved his fame and philosophy.

What they discovered is that kids love the process of learning, and that they are capable of learning absolutely anything if it is presented in a honest, concise and funny way.

The aim of the Institutes is to improve their intelectual, physical and social capabilities. The institute keeps teaching the parents and educators how to entiance their babies intelligence.

The goal

  • Reading
  • Encyclopedic knowledge
  • Maths
  • How to be physically superb
  • Foreign languages

...and much more, all with success.

Our program me is based on:

  • All the activities are in English and the same curriculum is followed in German.
  • Development of habits and concepts
  • Brain, sound and visual stimulation
  • Hearing and celebral stimulation
  • fine and gross motor stimulation

Educating in with values

We give great importance to educate within values that need to be taught in the first years of their lives so the can internalize them.

In our school we instil responsability, generosity, comprehension, tolerance, friendship, honesty, creativity and the development of their autonomy.